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October 05 2018
What do we say to the children?

August 14 2018
A Me-sanctuary

May 18 2018
A real butterfly 



October 05 2018

What do we say to the children?

I truly, truly love to be a human being and I deeply trust us all beyond measure. There is so much beauty here and our pure existence on this magical planet means an endless amount of possibilities.

Even so when I look around and take it all in… I mean ALL of it, there is at the same time so much insanity going on in the world. So much pain, depression, anger, fear, hate; destructiveness. So much that really, really hurts. 

I have two daughters and two grandchildren… In layers the questions have haunted me throughout the years. In layers the answers have revealed themselves. Temporarily I get answers that tries to stand for some kind of truth, but after a while they look more like bad politics than real wisdom to me.

In the end I always find myself crying; feeling the only truth that I really believe in – Everything is what it is, and no one knows for sure what will happen to us or our planet. One thing I do know for sure though is that humans humbly are the greatest power in the universe. Our souls are so magnificent and naturally magical; if we remember that we can do anything. The darkness and the light out in the world and inside of us are merely portals into the real. And the powerful alchemy of our mystical beings, in the dance between our unique hearts, knows the way.

To my grandchildren, their parents and everyone else; I will, as long as I breathe and as long as my heart beats, in great details be here to support the remembrance and the nourishment of that truth.

My beloved grandchildren Alve and Felicia


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