I was born a mystic… since I have travelled in life with a profound curiosity for the real. I am moving in the world with a natural wisdom which springs from an authentic well of alchemy – the meeting between seeming counterparts. With my daily life I’m holding a prayer; a fierce embrace for tangible relaxed reality to take form. I am a sincere and silent lover with death, as that is where the deepening magic and unconditional beauty is truly alive.

For you, I am a provider of a space for the meeting of the seeming opposites of dark and light. I am not the light in the dark though – I am the one that takes a firm grip of your hand, following you deeper into “whatever”. Holding you to remember the real places where transcending magic naturally unfolds.




While dancing in the world of today let me always feel the native sorrow of my heart. There where I can rest in unconditional joy of the real – the naked space of mature innocence.” – Gita Minou

Plug in



Plug in to your potential is a deeply real and truly intimate relationship with everything. A relationship that, when really cared for, is experienced through the transcending motion that is alive inside of us. The core of it all is a point of fire which firmly unfolds the natural appearance of boundless spaciousness and the unique person, all at the same time. When the motion itself is held and nourished in the perspective of the alchemical meeting between seeming opposites it reveals the authentic experience of the unity of all parts of life. Spirituality, sexuality and creativity no longer appears as separate phenomena, but as facets of one integrated sparkling movement – the life-force. Plug in to your potential is therefore ultimately a fully relaxed expression of naturally sacred human life.



Wild collaboration



While I am breathing, swirling, playing in my mystical life she is that same thing in her’s. Between us; a rare collaboration pulsating rhythmically as a wild, wise and rebellious heartbeat of the real. I totally love it!

Susanna Nova - founder of Spirited Living


The deepest inspiration


It is beautiful to be a human being. We are so adorable all of us; trying to live our life’s in this crazy world. Like lost children of the natural and real we are doing our best; amazingly brave and persistent. In the midst of it I find my truest inspiration in the young ones because in most cases they do remember. My beloved ones are therefore, and for many other reasons, my deepest source of real soul nourishment and even my best ignition for unceasingly giving my unique shine to it all.

My daughter Sanna and her son Alve  

My daughter Maya and her daughter Felicia

My goddaughter Ayisha Temple


I also want to mention and give thanks to my ex husband Jens Ljunggren for 20 years of deeply inspiring, lifechanging glitter in the fierce meeting between darkness and light. Out of our innocent bravery, honesty and love, diamond bright wisdom of the naturally human is continuously pouring through what I am and give. I am so grateful for the living mystery we shared and explored.





Ulrika Säljeby
Graphic designer

Mattias Flyckt
Web designer 

Sanna Wigg
Communication strategist



Helena Henriksson

Albin Östervall

Gita Minou


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