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October 05 2018
What do we say to the children?

August 14 2018
A Me-sanctuary

May 18 2018
A real butterfly 



May 18 2018

A real butterfly 


When she came to me the first time, she was so beyond tired that I could hardly feel her soul's heartbeat. So deeply convinced that she was a worm… or worse – doomed to crawl in the muddy soil, just trying to survive for the rest of her life. Her claims where not big, just to get the basic shit together, breathe some fresh air and get a little rest once in a while.

OMG, how beautiful it is to watch the magic of the human soul performing the phoenix rising from the ashes over and over again. It didn’t take much this time. Just some confirmations of that what from the perspective of the world and the current matrix looks crazy and insane in fact is the natural, wild and real human splendour. That what felt like oversensitivity and the beginning of fatigue syndrome was just symptoms from a broken lifeforce. A lifeforce that had been cut of and prevented from flooding its glittery stream and displaying its magnificent genius for the benlefit of the whole.

For her it only took one month of the “Plug in…”-program to start to shift the flow, get the strength pouring back, the inevitable soul healing to begin and the shimmering real of the natural humanness to start to perform its amazing uniqueness in different expressions. Expressions like art-installations and photographing for example. But the most beautiful and impressive part of it all was the simple, profound and all-inclusive 10-year plan that she came up with in the end. A plan that even included a fantastic idea of a business concept that clearly was her unique soul-breath and promise to the world.

Wow, I am totally in awe...!! And as much so every time I get to follow a soul’s journey becoming a shining real butterfly. Nourished in the darkness from the experience of being a worm, discovering that it in fact was just another sad caterpillar lost in transition all that time.

If you feel inspired to go for the “Plug in to your potential – program” contact me for more info and booking at 

Read more about the program here - Plug in program

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