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October 05 2018
What do we say to the children?

August 14 2018
A Me-sanctuary

May 18 2018
A real butterfly 



August 14 2018

A Me-sanctuary

When I was 13, I got this overwhelming vision of what will happen in and with the world during my lifetime. I saw and sensed the intense change that was going to take place, there was a lot of details to it and I even got a clear direction for how my life’s purpose would be a part of it.

In that context I also felt that there will be a time in my life when I most probably will live in a tiny house on wheels. It did not feel like a romantic lifestyle dream. No, more like an extension of me at a time when I had matured and fully embodied my true soul in a harmonized alignment with everything. That also included the time and spce we are living in during my stay here on earth. After a while I forgot all about it and continued my life as it unfolded. Two years ago, I remembered again, and I understood that now is the time to start building what I call my Me-sanctuary.

And this is my definition of it: A real Me-sanctuary is an abode for humans that venerates and honours both the uniqueness and impersonal aspects of the soul at the same time. That is truly honouring; its sprouting, budding and flowering in day to day life and living. A real me-sanctuary is therefore a second skin, a sacred space that beautifully holds and gives nourishment to the person/persons living there. It is a natural extension of truly alive humans that creates glorious art of themselves and their given time on earth.

Obviously the thing with a Me-sanctuary is that it is thoroughly built from the inside out. I do not own a tiny house right now, but I have started to build the inner space of it in my small apartment. Making the whole radiate as my authentic and relaxed aura. Letting every little detail shimmer the light and play the music of my soul. Picking beautiful pearls from my past; items that truly holds the new keynote of my life. Combining them with a clearer and clearer sense of an open horizon; my near future. I am making my home a harmonized composition of light and soul sounds that is truly me. A living prayer for a perfectly attuned space that eventually will manifest as a tiny house on wheels. 


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